Little helpless baby with Rickets

Mocha needed my help at 6 weeks old. Her previous owner was going to have her euthanized because she had scabies. She said she could not afford treatment for her. I arranged to travel the several hours to go get her. Once I picked her up we stopped in at my Vet's office. Mocha was completely hairless due to the mange. We started treatment. We were there every week for 6 weeks for treatment.

Once that cleared up her legs literally bowed out in a period of 1 day. I freaked out. I had no idea what was going on. I took her to my vet and explained to me what rickets was. Rickets in dogs is very similar to the same condition in humans and is found primarily in puppies or young developing dogs. Rickets is caused by either a deficiency of Vitamin D, or inefficient reactions in the body to the vitamin. In other words the body does not metabolize important vitamins like calcium and phosphorus.

It was a pretty simple fix, she was prescribed a supplement which was basically vitamins that was broken down in to super small particles which made it easier for the body to absorb them. Within 2 days her legs had started to straighten.

Today, nearly 8 years later Mocha is healthy, happy and has perfectly straight legs.


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