Bear, Before & after the abuse at the hands of a fighter!

We were literally Bear's last chance. He was also the first pit bull who had made it out of the shelter in Surry in a long time. Little did I know, Bear would be the beginning of change for the good for that particular shelter. They did not let pits out, they always put them down even if they were mixed or even little puppies. They did not care. The county deemed them a liability. Bear's life was saved by an AC officer who was ordered by the director to actually put him down on site. He said he just could not do it, Bear was very affectionate and when he licked the AC officer's hand, that sealed the deal. I am grateful for that AC officer,I gained one of my best friends and our rescue's mascot because of his kind heart.

Bear was left abandoned by a person who had been rumored to fight dogs. He was found with another dog tied with logging chains at an abandoned trailer. They had discovered dog fighting paraphernalia and the trailer was covered with blood on one side. The county attempted to locate the person because they were going to press charges on him. He had fled to another state to escape a previous warrant for drugs. The county let me take the dogs since I was out of state.

Bear and his friend was in pretty bad shape. Bear had half of his jowl torn off and he had a broken leg. The other dog had a hurt leg and he actually had an injury to the top palette of his mouth. There was a hole the size of a large marble that went clean through. Both dogs healed nicely, and we placed one with another rescue. Bear lives with us. He now spends his days baby sitting the resident pups that come in. He loves people and he absolutely gives the best kisses ever. I see why the AC officer wanted to spare him, even at the risk of his job.

Bear is the prime example of the true nature of a pit bull. If there were ever a breed or a dog that should HATE HUMANS it would be a pit bull. Look at what humans have done to them and to Bear! However, their true nature is that of a people dog, they love humans to a fault. It takes a low life person to use the one beautiful quality of the breed and make them do bad things like fight! They trust and love their humans with all their heart, sometimes that trust is placed in the wrong hands.


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