7 bottle Babies

I got an urgent call from a shelter that we work with. These babies were abandoned at the shelter and they were only a little over 1 week old. The mom had been quarantined at the shelter for biting because she was protecting her new born babies. She was a neighborhood dog from what I was told. She had her babies in the woods and when someone approached she did what came naturally, she was in protect mode. When the so called OWNER went to pick her up from the shelter he told him he did not want to take the puppies to put them to sleep. Well, we could not have that. I took the babies and took on the enormous task of being their mom.

I was tied to the babies 24/7. When they were small they had to be fed at least every 2 to 3 hours. It took me over an hr each feeding to get them all fed. There were 7 of them. When we had to be away from home I had to take the babies with me so they could eat. In 4 weeks they started eating on their own but by that time they had went through around $400 worth of puppy milk re placer. They were pretty healthy but around 2 weeks old 2 of them developed puppy strangles. With some good care from my vet and my good nursing abilities they recovered.

All the pups were adopted to new homes when they were old enough. 2 of them actually live in Canada now.


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