Rolling Thunder Dogs, 22 abandoned dogs

We got a call for help for these dogs. There were 22 in total. They had all been abandoned at a local dirt race track. The dogs were not socialized and very scared of people. When animal control was called they said the only option they had was to shoot them on site. They could not catch them, since they were scared and we only have 2 animal control officers in the whole county. In order to take all these dogs to our county shelter all the dogs in the shelter would have had to be euthanized to make room. We are in a very small and very rural area. So, we were allowed to help the dogs.

Over a period of 1 month my husband and I worked on these little dogs. We got them somewhat used to us and dependent on us for food. We would go to the track 2 to 3 times per day over the course of the month. Slowly but surely we captured them all. We managed to catch around 10 of them by hand. The remaining 12 had to be trapped with humane traps.

I was so happy the day I successfully caught the last one. That one was an older weary female who was somewhat aggressive at first. She would actually lunge after me if I approached her. I knew she was scared and I excused her behavior. Over the month she grew less and less hesitant of me. She was smart and she evaded the trap. I bet I spent $50 on rotisserie chicken to lure her and the others in the traps. It was very important that all the dogs were removed from the track by the end of the month. The last race of the season was going to be held then. The very last day of our deadline I was there at the track by myself. I said a prayer, and asked God to help me catch her. I lured her to me and held a loop leash up in front of her. I held a piece of chicken up on the other end of the loop to where she had to put her head through it. When she did I pulled the end of the leash and captured her. I swiftly picked her up with her head away from me and put her in a crate. I am not ashamed to say, I cried like a baby. I was so relieved.

When we began the adventure I was clueless at how we could manage it. I will never forget seeing all those little dogs running around the track property. My husband looked at me and said "We have to help them!" Right then I knew that if I trusted God would make a way. It was a huge undertaking financially because I knew we would basically be on our own. We fund our efforts out of our own pockets with no help from anyone. No one would take a un socialized dog, I knew that!. However, we had 3 friends to step up and they took 5 of the dogs once we trapped them. The remaining 17 were my responsibility.

By the grace of God and help from Mayberry 4 Paws we got all of the spayed/neutered. They were all given vaccines and heartworm tested and microchipped. We worked endlessly to socialize them to let them know they were safe and loved. Slowly one by one we were able to win most of them over. Many of them were adopted in to their own forever homes. We still have 3 of the adult males here with us and a male and female pair. My husband and I kept the very first 2 that were captured. A male and female who we named Handsome Jack and Marie Laveau They were tiny pups at the time maybe 5 to 6 weeks old, and they were scared to death and very sick. They are doing wonderfully now. They are healthy and very sweet little members of our family. With exception oft the one I call Elliot the other 2 adult males refused to be socialized to human love and handling. However, they are safe here with me. They can live out their life here, and if they decide they want to be tame at any point in the future, then that is up to them and I will consider it a blessing. It has taken me a very long time to get Elliot to trust me. He will now take food out of my hand, and last week he actually did not attempt to run from me the first time ever since bringing him in to my home in Oct 2014. I caught him in his dog bed; He simply sighed and rolled over. I rubbed his belly for what seemed like an hr. I was so thankful for his sign of trust.


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