The last Rolling Thunder Dog To Be Caught

I was so happy the day I successfully caught the last one. That one was an older weary female who was some what aggressive at first. She would actually lunge after me if I approached her. I knew she was scared and I excused her behavior. Over the month she grew less and less hesitant of me. She was smart and she evaded the trap. I bet I spent $50 on rotisserie chicken to lure her and the others in the traps. It was very important that all the dogs were removed from the track by the end of the month. The last race of the season was going to be held then. The very last day of our deadline I was there at the track by myself. I said a prayer, and asked God to help me catch her. I lured her to me and held a loop leash up in front of her. I held a piece of chicken up on the other end of the loop to where she had to put her head through it. When she did I pulled the end of the leash and captured her. I swiftly picked her up with her head away from me and put her in a crate. I am not ashamed to say, I cried like a baby. I was so relieved.


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