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1-Pick the animal you want to adopt from the Available Animals page of this web site.

2-Complete the application found on the Adoption Application page of this site. You will have to print it off and complete it manually. You will need Adobe Reader to be able to open the application. You can down load that for free at

3-Email or fax me the completed application. If you do not have access to a fax machine you can send a free fax using your computer at You can also send faxes at any local library or office supply store such as Staples.

If you have email capabilities on your cell phone you can snap a close up picture of the completed application and send it to our email at .

4-Please allow at least 48 hours for your application to be processed during the week. Sometimes we can get back to you in the same day. We may not be able to process any application over the weekend. We would need to be able to speak with your vet's office for a reference and your vet may not have weekend hours. 

5-Once your application is approved we will expect you to send the adoption deposit in order to hold your pet. We will not hold any pet without the holding deposit. You can pay your adoption deposit with any card on the Pay Adoption Deposit page of our website.

6- You will need to complete the adoption contract. You can find the adoption contract on the Adoption Contract on this page of our web site. You can complete the contract and email it to us as an attachment or you can fax it. You can also personally deliver the contract when you pick up the adopted pet.

7- The remainder of the adoption fee is due when you pick up the pet or prior to the pet leaving on transport.