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Steps To Adopt

 1- Submit the Pre-Purchase Application. There is a link to it in the menu of this site.
2- Wait for me to get back to you. I normally will respond within 24 hrs.
3- Once approved you will need to submit your $35.00 purchase deposit online. There is a button in the menu of this site for that. There will be no visits set up until I receive the deposit. Once you visit and you decide to adopt the $35.00 will be credited toward the adoption fee. If you decide to NOT adopt after meeting the animal in person then I will refund the deposit. If you do not show for the meet and greet appointment or you back out of adopting for any reason BEFORE meeting the pet in person, then the deposit is non refundable and will belong to us.

4- Submit the Purchase Contract either when you pick up the pet, or you can fax it to me before hand. There is a link to the contract in the menu of this site.
5- Set up a time to come pick up your adopted pet, at which time the remainder of the purchase fee will be due. If you need transport out of state we can arrange that for you.

Note: We do not have a physical location that houses our adoptable pets. All our adoptable pets are kept in foster homes. If you want to meet one of our adoptable pets you must submit a prior approved application. We will then set up a time for you to meet the pet at a place and time of the foster home's choosing. We have to be respectful of the time and privacy of our foster homes.

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